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Stone Massage

Hot and cold stones are places in specific locations on your body. But these are special stones with a purpose because they are smooth and hold heat well. Your therapist heats the stones to temperatures between 45 and 53° Celsius. This is the ideal temperature range to warm your muscles without burning skin. After the stones heat your muscles, your therapist begins the massage. 

| Relaxation

As the warm stones sit on your body, they help put you into a state of relaxation, both physically and mentally. 

When your muscles are warm, they respond better to massage techniques like kneading and rolling. The benefit of the heat resting on your body releases deeps tension to helps ease sore muscles.

| Boosts immunity

A scientific study showed an increase in lymphocytes after a single session of Swedish massage. 

Adding hot stone therapy before your Swedish massage might enhance the effectiveness of the massage to boost your infection-fighting cells.

| Stress eases

The light pressure from the warm stones can be soothing. Hot stone therapy feels like a warm hug in a safe place. 

Stresses take a back seat while your massage therapist works your muscles. Hot stone therapy can also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

| Pains subsides

When muscles are extra tight, sometimes a massage alone isn’t enough to loosen you enough to relieve pain. That’s when heat helps most. 

Targeted heat from hot stones helps warm your muscles for better manipulation during the massage. Sometimes the pain you feel is deep within your muscles and joints. 

| Help fight disease

Massage is one of the most effective ways to treat symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Hot stone therapy can help ease painful conditions regarding on the specificities of the disease. 

| Circulation improves

The heat from the stones penetrates through muscle to open your blood vessels. As this happens, blood flows more freely through your body for better circulation.


Khmer massage VS Thai massage ? 

Thai massage is practiced throughout the world because of its fame. Following the Chinese medicine knowledge, Thai massage is a succession of pressing and squeezing along the meridians, the body’s energy lines. And what about the Khmer massage ? Thai and Khmer massage have similarities positions but Thai massage has been focus on stretching while the muscles are worked in depth with the Khmer massage.

Starting by the feet, the Thai massage gently rises to the top of the body. Therapists focus a long time on the legs that support the body all day while Khmer Therapists focus on the back.  Thai therapists will process some deep stretches after your body has been warmed up. In these assisted stretches, leverage and body weight will be used to twist you into a multitude of positions, while also cracking your spine. 

Khmer Therapists will use the same technical but for a short time at the end. Both of them, the massage will conclude with you lying with the back of your head in their lap, while they rub your temples and face to release all the stress and tensions left.

Khmer people will regularly be massaged, which explains the multitude of local salons in the cities. Sometimes, prostitution is hidden behind the inexpensive Massage Salons. Hence the need to choose a spa which is not encouraging its practice.  This massage is not only about relaxation, it’s an ancient healing practice taking part of the Cambodian culture. After hours meditation, Monks felt their body tired and used to be massaged to release tensions. So, let you convinced and try it to have your own opinion about, let us a comment !


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