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Kampot pepper

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Our products are 100% natural, handmade with exceptional ingredients. Kaya Range has been worked to offer superior quality products. To get all the benefits our products can offer, we advise you to get a treatment to clean deeply your skin before receiving a oil massage. You could get a body scrub or wrap to Cleanses the pores of the skin and fights dry skin. The pores of your skin will more easily absorb the essential oils present in our massage oil. You could choose the package you want or personalize your own to get the one will suits you. You have the choice between 4 different massages to blend with 3 different treatments.

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마사지  •  온천  •  マッサージ   •  スパ •  തിരുമ്മല് • സ്പാ  •  温泉 • 按摩 •  ម៉ាស្សា •  ស្ប៉ា • นวด • สปา

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