Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are made from parts of certain plants like leaves, herbs, barks, and rinds. We ourselves extract the essential oils by condensation process in our workshop. We supply mainly local raw materials to obtain these oils so precious for our health.

Essential oils can be blended together to create appealing and complex aromas. Kaya blends them carefully with a specific therapeutic purpose. A synergistic essential oil blend is considered to greater in total action than each oil working independently.  We are waiting for you in our Spa !



Rebalance Synergy

Cedarwood is very effective against external aggressors and at the same time, patchouli is highly immune-stimulatory. The body is invigorated and toned, full of energy and more dynamic than ever. Ylang Ylang In aromatherapy, this oil is used as a tranquilizer. It not only regulates blood pressure, but also reduces stress and fights depression or irritability, including regulating the central nervous system. You'll be delighted by the calmness and the sweetness,  brought into a state of serenity and positivity.

Relaxing Synergy

Clary Sage, geranium and Sweet marjoram have common characteristics. Their compositions act on the nervous system and blood regulation in depth to trigger relaxation and positive vibes. Meanwhile, Clary sage is an antispasmodic fighting against muscle contractions and the anti-inflammatory properties of Geranim can relieve muscle or joint pain. This soothing synergy helps a stressful mind and dissolve muscular tension.

Sensual Synergy

Sensual synergy has been created to convey you towards cheerful and radiant mood. Essential oil of Sweet Orange affects directly your spirit, improve your temper by giving you vitality. Antidepressant recognized by science, this oil is to be used in case of apathy, depression or sluggishness. Rosewood strengthen this energy through its impact on nervous tension and helps better manage the states of overwork, and anxiety. Adding a touch of Ylang-Ylang oil will boost your energy thanks to its powerful aphrodisiac effect.

Refreshing Synergy

Lemon oil is is commonly used to aid digestion while at the same time the Bergamot oil allows better assimilation of nutrients. This refreshing Synergy helps convert nutrients into energy, vitamin utilization, and nerve function. To overcome the body fatigue, the eucalyptus cypress, powerful anti-inflammatory, relieves the pain related to sports effort or tiredness. By using this reviving synergy, you will feel better in your body and therefore in your mind.

Oriental Synergy

Nutmeg and coriander have active ingredients decreasing the sensation of pain while ginger is a physical relaxant because of its analgesic and sedative properties. Lemongrass also have anti-infective properties that will make your body and therefore your mind stronger. The herbal synergy stimulate and restores all the vitality of your body and your mind.

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spa massage siem reap

Kaya experience


Our Kaya Team will welcome you and pamper you from the moment you come in. A nicely spiced cocktail of spiriluna will refresh you when you arrive. Then, 5 different synergies of essential oils will be introduced to you, don’t  hesitate to ask advice from our therapists. Depending of your mood and tiredness of your body, find the synergy will suit your needs. Let you be guided to your private room after a foot bath with lotus petals and enjoy your relaxing moment !


Homemade cosmetics

Essential oils have a thousand and one secrets. Any aroma that speaks to you and brings about a sense of calm and relaxation can be beneficial. It’s composed of a hundred aromatic molecules that are particularly active on human metabolism.  The essential oil is a companion both olfactory and therapeutic of your daily life. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. 

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spa massage siem reap
spa massage siem reap

Visit our workshop

Enjoy the richness that nature offers us for a privileged moment in our spa. Then, you will be driven to the heart of the pioneering social and environmental enterprise of Siem Reap. Through our different workshops you will discover the manufacturing of handmade Kaya Range we use in our spa.

Then you will attend the different steps in the treatment of local spices (Kampot pepper, lemongrass, chili…), and their subtle combinations to make the traditional Curry or Amok. You will also see the art of roasting coffee beans from Ratanakiri and the creation of our flavored coffees and teas. Enjoy the free tasting our these high tasty drinks !


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