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Our Kaya Team will welcome you and pamper you from the moment you come in. A nicely spiced cocktail of spiriluna will refresh you when you arrive. Then, 5 different synergies of essential oils will be introduced to you, don’t  hesitate to ask advice from our therapists. Depending of your mood and tiredness of your body, find the synergy will suit your needs. Let you be guided to your private room after a foot bath with lotus petals and enjoy your relaxing moment !


Homemade cosmetics

Essential oils have a thousand and one secrets. Any aroma that speaks to you and brings about a sense of calm and relaxation can be beneficial. It’s composed of a hundred aromatic molecules that are particularly active on human metabolism.  The essential oil is a companion both olfactory and therapeutic of your daily life. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. 

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spa massage siem reap

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Enjoy the richness that nature offers us for a privileged moment in our spa. Then, you will be driven to the heart of the pioneering social and environmental enterprise of Siem Reap. Through our different workshops you will discover the manufacturing of handmade Kaya Range we use in our spa.

Then you will attend the different steps in the treatment of local spices (Kampot pepper, lemongrass, chili…), and their subtle combinations to make the traditional Curry or Amok. You will also see the art of roasting coffee beans from Ratanakiri and the creation of our flavored coffees and teas. Enjoy the free tasting our these high tasty drinks !

FREE ROUND TRIP TUK-TUK ! Ask at Kaya Spa or Senteurs d’Angkor Shop next to. 

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芳疗是“芳香疗法”的简称,这个名字来自拉丁文 Aromatherapy, “Aroma”意谓芬芳、香气,即渗透入空气中的一种看不见但闻得到的精细物质,这里指植物精油的芳香挥发成份,亦指精油本身;“Therapy”意谓对疾病的治疗,或者阐解为“调理”、“辅助疗法”。 最早提出“芳香疗法”专业概念的是一位法国人,描述了利用植物精油来治病的疗法,这是一 芳香疗法是运用芳香植物蒸馏萃取出的精油,以获得身、心、灵之整合性疗效,是一种辅助疗法。精油含酮、酯等化学成份,这些成分决定它的治疗特性,可透过直接吸入、沐浴、按摩等方式来使用,改善焦虑、疼痛、疲倦及伤口愈合等情形。精油如同药物一般,主要通过吸嗅影响脑的边缘系统和通过皮肤渗透进入体内, 许多研究提供精油疗效的证据, 發現我們的按摩和手工製作的天然產品

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