Manicure in Siem Reap

Most men believe that manicure and pedicure is for the ladies and so they do their best to avoid the nail salons. In Kaya, you offer a hand care with our Kaya Range adapted to both of us ! Nails are a specialized form of skin. They provide 10 little places that you can decorate. But more than that, they protect your sensitive fingers and toes, and they help you pick up small things, scratch itches, and hold on to or manipulate objects. Your nails provide important clues to your overall health. Broken, discolored, or misshapen nails can indicate nutritional deficiencies, infections, or skin conditions. Good nail care keeps your hands and feet looking nice and is part of a general program of good health habits. In Kaya Spa, we use only natural natural products to take care, exfoliate and hydrate your nails. During the manicure & pedicure, you’ll get a scrub and cream to make it shinny and healthy again. Then you have the choice of polish nails if you want to end your treatments. We’ve selected the brand OPI in which we truly trust for its quality. To get a beautiful manicure, you’ll get the choice between a large range of colors. Enough to satisfy all the fantasy ! For a perfect manicure and pedicure, opt for our Luxury offer perfect together. Our therapists are well trained and use to do it for years now.
We like to treat ourselves to mani&pedi wherever we are (California, Hawaii, Central America, Europe, SE Asia) and this was hands down the best nail spa experience we’ve ever had. We chose the luxury mani-pedi, which was truly luxurious. The ladies did not only impeccable job with our nails, but also gave us the best arm, leg & foot massage and overall, created a truly relaxing experience. Their carefull attention to detail was aparent throughout the whole heavenly 90 minutes. When my therapist noticed that I was itching a mosquito bite, she went to get a balm and gently applied it on all of the itching spots on my legs. They were both very skilled, sweet and caring. Another thing I appreciated was that either because of the room or the products used, or both, we didn’t smell any nail polish fumes. It was just perfect!

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