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At Kaya Spa, you could find natural products and essential oils synergy composed of pepper since it has many properties.  For your health and beauty, pepper is a must. It’s recommended to consume pepper in case of nausea, bloating, or constipation. The gastric juices in greater quantity help to reduce these different symptoms. There is an anti-depressant effect because endorphins provide a feeling of well-being. It is recommended in aromatherapy to fight against depression, anxiety, insomnia and fear.     Ask for the Oriental synergy before getting your treatment in our spa ! 

                                                                                                                                                                          What else ? 

Pepper is widely used in Cambodian food, especially for the traditional Lok Lak. Lucky they are because they have one of the pepper in the world. Kampot pepper is organically grown and produced and sold in green, black, white and red varieties, all from the same plant. The climate of Kampot Province and the consistency of the soil offer perfect conditions for growing a tasty pepper. 

There’s no way you can leave Cambodia without a pouch of Kampot pepper in your suitcase. Used by top chefs in kitchens across the globe, the premium pepper is organically grown in Kampot in green, black, white and red varieties. As the peppers’ popularity has risen, there has also been an increase in the sale of fake Kampot pepper, so come to our shop you will be sure to buy the real one !  Ask our team working in shop if you need help to choose your Kampot Pepper or click here to find all of our Kampot Pepper range. 

  • Black Pepper: The unripe, green peppercorns are harvested, boiled for two minutes and then sun-dried for one week. The drying process turns the peppercorns black to make black pepper.
  • White Pepper: After making black pepper, the black skin is taken off to make white pepper. Taking the black skin off makes the pepper less spicy.
  • Red Pepper: the peppercorns turn red when they are ripe. Red pepper, therefore, is made from harvesting ripe peppercorns. It is also boiled and sun-dried.

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